Hi All,
Here is the schedule of play for the 12th & 13th April in Claremont Navan.
Tuesday 12th April – Louth Players
8.15pm – Grade 2 Ladies Doubles, Grade 5 mens singles.
8.45pm – Grade 2 Mens Doubles, Grade 3 Mens Doubles & Grade 3 Ladies Doubles
9.15pm – Grade 2 Mixed Doubles and Grade 3 Mens Singles.
Wednesday 13th April – Louth Players
8.15pm – Grade 3 Mixed Doubles, Grade 4 Mens Doubles, Grade 5 Ladies Doubles.
8.45pm – Grade Grade 5 Mens Doubles.
9.15pm – Grade 5 mixed doubles and Grade 5 Ladies Doubles.
Please be advised the cost per person per Grade is €10.00 to be given to Derek Callan.
Best of Luck everyone, c’mon the wee County.